General Terms and Conditions

1) General
The Lessee hereby acknowledges awareness of the General Terms and Conditions as specified on this web page.

2) Reservation of the accommodation
On making the reservation the Lessee must provide accurate information in relation to the number of co-Lessees and their age group.
The payment of a deposit equivalent to 30% of the rental sum must be paid within 3 days of the receipt by email of the booking form from Villa Meleğim.
The final amount (balance for the booking + deposit) must be paid at the latest 5 weeks before arrival to the account specified on the booking form. In the case of bookings made less than 5 weeks before arrival the entire amount must be paid.
Any bank charges associated with both home and foreign payments shall be borne by the Lessee.

3) Payment of the price
No dispute in relation to the price of the accommodation will be entertained following the booking. In the event of non-payment on the due payment date 4 weeks prior to departure, late payment interest at 1.5% per month will be incurred, with force of law and without any requirement for notice of default. Furthermore, a penalty in the form of fixed compensation for damages will be incurred with force of law, in the amount of 20% of the rental price, with a minimum of €50.00.

4) Deposit
The rental of Villa Meleğim entails the payment of a deposit. You are informed here of the terms and conditions attaching to this deposit and you hereby indicate that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. The deposit will be transferred to the Villa Meleğim account, together with the balance of the booking, 5 weeks prior to arrival. The repayment of this deposit will take place 2 weeks following departure, following the proper and complete fulfilment of the rental obligations, as ratified by the authorised representative of Villa Meleğim.
The Lessee is required to leave the rented accommodation in a tidy state, that is to say, everything is to be back in its original place, both indoors and out, and the kitchen is to be tidied. The surface of the refrigerator, the oven, the stove, the BBQ and other equipment must be cleaned, all cutlery and crockery must be cleaned and returned to its proper location and all waste must be taken to the container located on the park. Thorough cleaning will of course be carried out following your departure. Out of respect for the owner and the cleaning service we would however request that you ensure that at least the minimum standard of tidiness is achieved before leaving the accommodation.
The maximum number of persons may not be exceeded without permission. This permission must be requested in writing at the latest 14 days before arrival. Where the maximum number is nevertheless exceeded access to the accommodation may be refused or the deposit may be collected immediately.

5) Cancellation
Every cancellation of a reservation must be notified to Villa Meleğim by registered post and with proof of receipt: the date of receipt shall count as proof, and will allow the level of the cancellation charges to be determined.
Cancellation 60 days prior to departure: 25% of the booking price.
Cancellation between 30 and 60 days prior to departure: 50% of the booking price.
Cancellation less than 30 days before departure: 100% of the booking costs, excluding the deposit. Where this has already been paid it will be transferred back to the Lessee's account.

6) Rights and obligations
The Lessor will ensure that Villa Meleğim is available for the rental period.
The Lessor will ensure that Villa Meleğim is provided with the equipment and furnishings minimally required for the occupants notified by the Lessee.
The Lessor will ensure that the linen is cleaned weekly.
The Lessee will indicate the correct number of participants when booking. Where in the event there are additional occupants additional linen packs can be requested, for a fee. Where it is established that the number of occupants does not tally with the stated total then the local representative of Villa Meleğim shall be entitled to refuse access to the accommodation until matters have been rectified and the additional charges have been paid.
No pets are allowed.
The specified dates and hours of the stay must be strictly adhered to. In the event that the Lessee fails to arrive at the agreed date and time, then the Lessee must inform the local representative of Villa Meleğim. Where the time of departure is not adhered to then an element of the deposit may be retained for the purpose of hiring in additional staff for the final cleaning. The Lessee is responsible for the accommodation throughout the entire let, and hereby undertakes to cover any costs flowing from errors or omissions on the part of the Lessee or the other occupants.
Neither the Lessee nor any person he allows to enter Villa Meleğim may smoke in the accommodation. Smoking is allowed in the garden or on the terrace, but cigarette ends and the like must on no account be dropped on the ground. Where this is found to have happened the cleaning company will come to tidy up the grounds, and the associated costs will be deducted from the deposit (€12.50 per hour, with a minimum of €25.00). The Lessee and his company shall treat the accommodation with due diligence.
Occupants are also expected not to use energy unnecessarily by allowing the air conditioning units to run while the accommodation is unoccupied, however the settlement of the electricity bill will take place by means of meter readings at the start and finish of the rental period, with a charge made at the end of the hire period.
Any items missing at the end of the rental must be paid for by the Lessee at the end of the rental. This payment will be deducted from the deposit.
The Lessee hereby discharges the owner of Villa Meleğim of all responsibility for any accidents which may occur in the holiday accommodation, in the garden or in and around the swimming pool, and also in the park and the communal swimming pool.

7) General
The Lessee hereby acknowledges awareness of the description of Villa Meleğim.
The Lessee must immediately notify the local representative of Villa Meleğim of any significant deviations in relation to the furnishings or other items in the rented accommodation. This notification must take place within 48 hours of access to the accommodation. Retrospective complaints will not be considered if this is not done. All communications must go by email to info@villamalegim.com and also verbally to the local representative.
The local representative represents the owner in law, and must rectify any serious defect, to the extent that this represents a serious breach of the Lessee's entitlements.
Where the accommodation is not clean and tidy on arrival this must be notified immediately on arrival to the local representative and also by email. An additional cleaning can then be arranged. Where no immediate report is made however, later complaints about tidiness will not be considered.
The Lessor is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances, cases of force majeure or disruption which disturb, interrupt or hinder the stay. Such matters may in no circumstances lead to the payment of compensation for damages. Prices during the low season are always a little lower than in the mid-season and high season. Due to unforeseen circumstances the water temperature in the pool may be too low for swimming.
The swimming pool may also be unusable during this period, however the Lessor may not be held to be in default on these grounds. This also accounts for the lower rental prices during this period. The outdoor swimming pools of private villas and residences in the Turkish and tourist centres are normally open from April to October.
Villa Meleğim shall not be liable for local problems with electricity and the Internet.

8) Disputes
The Courts at Turnhout shall be exclusively competent in respect of any disputes which may arise in connection with the interpretation of, compliance with or application of the agreement between Villa Meleğim and the Lessee. In no circumstances may the amount of any legal claim exceed the total rental sum, as specified on the reservation form.



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